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May 29, 2012
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Hexagonads Launcher 2.0 by YGKtech Hexagonads Launcher 2.0 by YGKtech
It's finally done. Months in the making, this is my total overhaul of my most popular skin to date, Hexagonads.

Every facet of the skin has been re-programmed and expanded. And I mean expanded a LOT. The final version of Hexagonads 1.0 consisted of 647 lines of code. Version 2.0 is the product of 1,591 lines of code.


This is an application launcher for Rainmeter, made as part of my ongoing "Project Ghost" suite.

Each hexagon is an button which can be set to open any program or folder on your computer.

The buttons change color when you mouse over them, and flash when clicked.

You can change the dimensions of the array to suite your preferences. The current limit is a 8 x 8 array. To do so, simply change the count.X and count.Y variables in the *.ini file.

Better yet, if you don't like the size of the buttons, the whole skin can be made larger or smaller by adjusting a single variable. Open the *.ini file and find the variable "scale = 2.5". Increasing this number will shrink the skin and lowering it will make the skin larger.

To add programs to the launcher, you will need to find the directory path of your desired program/folder and add it to a "Path#,#" variable of your choice. For example; to set the top left hexagon to launch the windows calculator, open the .ini file and find the line:

Path1,1 =

and change it to:

Path1,1 = C:WindowsSystem32calc

The preview image should help you to find which lines correspond to which hexagons.

Following each "Path#,#" variable is a "Tip#,#" variable. here you can write a title that will be displayed in the middle of the button. There are also settings for removing the titles or enabling Tool-tip's that will use the same text.

Wallpaper in the background is Wallpaper is El-Felipe's Wallpaper

VS is mini'em all by snipes2

NOTE: even though not all 64 hexagons are displayed, rainmeter still creates a frame around the hidden ones, if you simply disable the "keep on screen" option this shouldn't matter. I am working on a way to fix the underlying issues, but it is easy enough to just change the setting for now.

EDIT: replaced a few instances of #black# with #norm#. changing the value of #norm# should effect all hexagons now.
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NJRZR Featured By Owner Edited Jul 9, 2014  New member
I liked this dock, I'm using and making the tweaks that you post, thanks man, I'm just starting using with smplcty, I like to keep it simple, XD
P.D: check the image:, is a little mess with the icons -_-
YGKtech Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks for the comment, I always like seeing what people are able to do with my skins.  Nice work customizing the skin, it ties together nicely with the rest of your desktop.
Kyodjinn Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
Is there any way to remove that one half-hexagon?
YGKtech Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Yes, here's a guide in the most basic terms in case anyone else wants to do so:

1) open the Hexagonads.ini file in a text editor (just right click and select "Edit skin")

2) locate the section labeled [Anchor] (it should be on the 600th line of the text file, in notepad use Ctrl+G to jump to a specified line number)

3) place a semicolon ( ; ) in front of every line in that section, including the [Anchor] tag.

4) save the file

5) right click on the skin and select "Refresh skin"

You should see the half hexagon disappear.

without the [Anchor] it is difficult to re-position the skin, so if you want to bring it back to re-organize your desktop, simply open the Hexagonads.ini file again, and remove all the semicolons you added.
Kyodjinn Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
rapidgorilla Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
First time using rainmeter and I'm so glad this is the first skin I found. I'm trying to downscale the whole thing but can't seem to find "scale=2.5" anywhere. HELP
YGKtech Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Sorry I didn't see this comment sooner; if you right click on the skin and select "Edit Skin" a text file should ope, the scale setting will be on line 21 of the text file, just make the adjustment, save the file, and the refresh the skin (also done from the right-click menu)
scorpia14 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Great skin and I love it, but im having issues changing the color of the font. Do you know what I can do to fix it? and the font face is not changing ether. Thx!
YGKtech Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
This is another quirk I'll need to fix in the next release:  there are two key color variables in the skin, #hover# and #norm#, when you mouse over a button, the hexagon changes color from #norm# to #hover#, and the text does the opposite, switching from #hover# to #norm#.  I thought this would be a good way to ensure a good contrast between the button and the text, and for the most part it is, but it makes changing the font color somewhat difficult.  Whenever someone asks a question about how to make a certain modification to one of my skins I like to reply with a generalized guide so everyone can see how to do it, here we go:

each button label corresponds to a [t#,#] section (for example, the top-left button's label is [t1,1]) in each of these sections I have the line:
FontColor = #hover#

by changing #hover# to a color value or a different variable assigned to a color value, you can change the color of the font when the skin loads.  But that alone isn't enough, because in the code for each button I set the font color to either #norm# or #hover# whenever the button changes color, in order to maintain contrast.  So even if you change the color of the font when the skin loads, as soon as you move your mouse over a button the text color will change back to #hover/norm#.

The best solution to this I can think of would be to create a new pair of color variables, #Font.norm# and #Font.hover#, which you can do by adding the following lines to the [variables] section:

Font.norm = #blue#
Font.hover = #red#

(here I am using the color variables included in the skin by which copies a list of ~800 color variables into the program, you can find the file in the skin folder to see what's available, you can also use any of rainmeter's color codes, they provide a color picker for these here:  simply replace blue and red with whatever color's you would like the font to switch between when you move your mouse over a button, they can be the same color if you'd like) 

then rewrite the [r#,#] and [t#,#] sections you use to make use of these variables.  Here is how [r1,1] and [t1,1] would look after the change:

Meter = image
Group = Hex | C1 | R1
MeterStyle = sButton | sRow1 | sCol1
ImageTint = #norm#
ToolTipText = #Tip1,1#
MouseOverAction = !Execute [!SetOption r1,1 ImageTint #hover#][!SetOption t1,1 FontColor #Font.hover#][!update]
MouseLeaveAction = !Execute [!SetOption r1,1 ImageTint #norm#][!SetOption t1,1 FontColor #Font.norm#][!update]
LeftMouseDownAction = !Execute [!SetOption r1,1 ImageTint #norm#][!SetOption t1,1 FontColor #Font.norm#][!update][!SetOption r1,1 ImageTint #hover#][!SetOption t1,1 FontColor #Font.hover#][!update]
LeftMouseUpAction = !Execute [!SetOption r1,1 ImageTint #norm#][!SetOption t1,1 FontColor #Font.norm#][!update][!SetOption r1,1 ImageTint #hover#][!SetOption t1,1 FontColor #Font.hover#][!update]["#Path1,1#"]

Meter = String
Group = Strings | C1 | R1
MeterStyle = sText
FontColor = #Font.norm#
Text = #Tip1,1#

notice that wherever I set FontColor to #hover# I now set it to #Font.norm# and wherever I set it to #norm# I set it to #Font.hover#, this is because the original code always had text be #hover# when the button was #norm# and vice versa.

adding the new color variables is easy enough, but changing all the button and label sections to use them may be a bit tedious, if you have a good text editor like notepad++ you can use find & replace operations to efficiently make the changes, or if you only use a few buttons you can figure out which meter's they correspond to and make the changes by hand.

As for the font face not changing, all you should need to do is change this line near the bottom of the [variables] section:

    Font.face = Trebuchet MS

to whatever font you want, in theory that is.  I've has some trouble in the past getting Rainmeter to use fonts, mostly because I don't think there is a way to see all the fonts rainmeter has access to, and without an encyclopedic knowledge of font's I don't really know which ones I can expect to work.  I know changing it to Times New Roman works (though that is a terrible font for labeling buttons, too narrow), I would assume you have access to all the fonts MS word has access to, so you can try previewing fonts in there are copying their names into the skin config file to see if they work.  Here is the rainmeter font guide for further reference:…

Thanks for your enthusiasm for my skin, comments like this make me want to get back into rainmeter coding, but it's hard to find the enthusiasm/free time as a full time computer science student with a part-time job that also involves programming.  I love programming but I can only do so much of it in a day before I get tired of it.  Let me know if you have any more questions about the skin, I don't update skins much but I do keep an eye on my messages and try my best to help people who leave a comment.
Bootboss Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
I know this is maybe a bit too much to ask for XD But I really love this and I have it up all and running, but I cant just get the icons to work... Is it possible that someone could show an example of how the code looks for their working setup? It would help me out alot :)
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